How can I get to know my emotions?

For each of the emotions listed below, identify which of the body signals that show up for you. Print out the PDF attached to keep a record. If you aren’t sure about this, over the next week try to notice if any of these signals are there when you experience strong emotions.

Emotion Body signals

Clenched fists

Heart thumping

Feeling hot in neck and face

Feel blood pressure going up

Throbbing temples

Tension in body

Clenched jaw

Shaking or trembling

Increased sweating



Heart beats faster, slower, louder, or skips

Tension in neck, shoulders, jaw

Sweaty palms

Urge to run away

Upset stomach

Hard to breathe


Feel lightheaded or dizzy

Heaviness in the chest


Butterflies in your stomach

Shortness of breath

Dry mouth

Shortness of breath

Tension around eyes and mouth

Sick in the stomach


Empty feeling in chest or stomach

Lump in your throat


Feel like crying

Tightness in your chest


Can’t look others in the eyes

Feel sick in the stomach

Heaviness in the chest

Shrink yourself and want to make yourself invisible

Body temperature goes up


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