Tech & Exploitation

Online Safety

​Reach Out have published a useful article for parents and carers to help encourage positive online behaviour.

Reach Out also provides information on:


Pornography is now the most prominent sexuality educator for many young people. Most young people discover porn well before they encounter sex – perhaps even before they have kissed or held a partner. 

There is considerable research showing an increasing number of young people are getting their sexual health knowledge from pornographic material. It is crucial to support young people to access alternate accurate and balanced information and resource them to develop healthy sexuality.

It's Time We Talked is an excellent website, with great resources for young people, parents and carers.

Exploitation & Grooming

Kids Helpline provides useful information for young people around sexting and cyberbullying. These introductory articles are suitable for young people between the ages of 10 and 14. 

"As technology has permeated our lives and those of our children, an insidious reality has arisen - strangers can now chat online to our children right under our noses."  eSafety Commissioner

​This article from the eSafety commissioner provides information for carers about protecting children from online predators.

If you need to report any inappropriate online behaviour, Think U Know provides information and facilities to help you.

Young & eSafe is a great youth-focused site from the Office of the eSafety commissioner

'Be Deadly Online is an animation and poster campaign about big issues online, like bullying, reputation and repsect for others.' This website provides information about staying safe online for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people.

Further Resources